Presumably you guys have all now seen the brand spanking new trailer for what is most likely the first half of Season 4 of AMC's The Walking Dead. Now presumably most of you have read all the comics so far or read the wikia entries on the issues. So I was looking for similarities to the comic storyline during the Prison arc and that of the TV show's. And here's what I got;

  • I'm going for an obvious one here. Tyreese and the walkers surrounding him. This happened in the comics although it happened during the clearout of the Prison... In a gym...
  • Next up, again, is Tyreese. He follows the trail of blood to find outside in an area of the courtyard to be what I think quite possibly be Sasha's dead or reanimated corpse. Or at the very least someone close to Tyreese or someone he cares about. In the comics, It was Glenn and Maggie who made the shocking discovery of the decapitated heads of Rachel and Susie Greene. Although it was in a barber type place within the Prison and not outside. It also looks like Maggie will be the one to put down whoever reanimated, although in the comics Glenn shot the zombified Rachel and Susie with Maggie later killing the murderer Thomas. Which leads to my next point.
  • The confrontation. In the comics it was a punch up between Tyreese and Rick. As for the show, they've stuck with those two characters but added Daryl into the mix. In the show, it'll ultimately be Tyreese's anger at the body that will at least lead to the fight. In the comics Tyreese and Rick thought after Rick blamed Tyreese for Carol's suicide attempt and Tyreese saying Rick enjoyed cutting off Allen's infected leg. This resulted in Rick passing out and plunging over the balcony inside the cell block. However this is outside in the show.
  • The shopping centre. In the comics the group discovered a Wall Mart and restocked before being attacked by a scout group from Woodbury. In the show they discover a 'Big Sp!t' and clear the place out before searching for supplies. However I suspect instead of people it'll be walkers attacking the group.
  • The Prison garden. I suspect it'll be the same as in the comics, with Hershel tending to the garden with the help of some other people. Most notably the Woodbury survivors. The only real difference being in the show they also have livestock. Or pigs. Oink!
  • The fences. In the comics the walkers did gather outside the fences but they were more evenly spread. They never breached the fence until the Governor rolled the tank through it. In the show it looks like someone has lured them there to a specific spot and the fence will be brought down -at least partially- by the walkers.

So that's all I really got. If I missed anything feel free to let me know.