I've been giving some thought as to who will die during Season 4 of The Walking Dead. But here's the thing. How will they die?

Woodbury survivors (either killed by Walkers, marauders, or starvation. Possibly reanimating and causing havoc in the Prison)

The Governor (Shot by Beth while protecting a wounded Maggie or Michonne after attacking the Prison a 3rd time, devoured by walkers while surviving the gunshot)

Judith (Malnutrition, starvation, or blown up in a car explosion ( don't ask!))

Hershel (Bitten by walker(s), turns, killed by Glenn)

Martinez (Killed by walkers or killed by the Governor or Rick)

Shumpert (Devoured by walkers in a herd)

Dr Stevens (Shot by the Governor during his assault)

Beth (Car crash, reanimates, not put down)

Sasha (In car that explodes and also kills Judith, blown up by The Governor using Martinez's grenade launcher)