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Issue 126-127 :The Follow Up/Where Do We Go Now?

Stewlock April 30, 2014 User blog:Stewlock

So Issue 126 finally hit the shelves of our favourite local comic book stores and, uh...

To be honest, to say this issue and the volume of All Out War Part 2 have had mixed reactions is kind of an understatement. I was not happy with how it played out. Not only did they save Negan, but the situation that followed just really felt like a let down. There was a little bit of fighting, yet the biggest losers were the Saviours. Many were killed by the Hilltop Group and yet they still just surrendered?! What the fuck?! (Pardon my French)

I highlighted this as an option in my last blog, that the Saviours would surrender, but I never actually expected it to happen! It feels like such a big cop-out for them to just give up. It almost seems like Rick slicing open Negan's neck and being mostly responsible for the death of other Saviours, who were most likely their friends, would evoke total obliteration for one army or the other. You don't just give up because the guy you were fighting and the guy who betrayed your entire group make rousing speeches. I am not happy about this at all. At the very least, Negan and Rick should have both died. If Rick didn't die, which he didn't, he should have let Negan bleed to death and wiped out the Saviours. Over the course of over 20 Volumes and 126 Issues, we have seen Rick become ruthless as a leader and more evil than people should be in a world of evil flesh eating corpses. It feels like Rick just did a complete U-Turn and all the ruthlessness he had brought into his character seemed to be for nothing. I did not like it simply because it appeared to be out of character and because HE SPARED NEGAN!!!! I mean, COME ON!!! 

But moving on, it appears that with 127, we will have a completely new set of characters. Hopefully, and I really have to emphasise on 'hopefully', we will get a completely new story. I think the ballad of Rick Grimes and Company has been exhausted, for now anyway. The idea with a comic book series, and this is just me talking, is that you can leave the story of the original characters alone for a while or for however long you want, move on to a new story with new characters and situations (besides the main 'zombie apocalypse' one), follow them for a while and then, when the creative juices are really flowing and you know how to finsih a story arc PROPERLY, you move back to the original story, maybe bringing in the new characters and their relationship dynamics, and you move on, continuing to set sail on a journey to create a unique, interesting and engrossing tale.

It's just my opinion, though. No need to go spreading it around. But heed my words, Kirkman! Leave Rick's story alone for now. It needs a break...