Since Season 2, The Walking Dead has been split into parts each Season, always ending in some dramatic fashion or other.

Season 2:1 - Barn massacre and Sophia's confirmed fate as a walker. 2:2 - The herd that overruns the farm, Rick's reveal that eveyone is infected, the shot of the prison at the end.

Season 3:1 - The shootout at Woodbury, the death of Oscar, the reveal of Tyreese's group, Daryl and Merle reunited as the citizens of Woodbury call for their deaths. The Governor losing his eye, Penny being put down, Glenn and Maggie's rescue. 3:2 - Andrea's death, Milton's death, Allen's death, the attack on the prison, the fall of Woodbury, the massacre of the Governor's army, the Woddbury survivors joining Rick's group.

Season 4:1 - The fall of the Prison, Hershel's demise, Mitch, Alisha, Megan, The Governor, Julio, the milita, the vast majority of the Prison survivors, ALL DEAD. Judith. The walkers taking back the Prison, Clara among them. Rick's group scattered as their home burns behind them.

So how exactly will the second half of Season 4 come to an end. Well, I have a few ideas. Feel free to criticise...

  1. As the surviving members of Rick's group, possibly including Morgan and Carol, find shelter once again, a place of refuge, in the distance can be seen one or two unkown people. As the group enters their newfound haven, the strangers either retreat or move closer towards them, brandishing weapons aimed at Rick's group.
  2. Having been on the road for the second half of the Season, encountering numerous losses and still wary of other survivors, Rick's group are camped out at the side of the road. Suddenly, a man shows up in front of them, wearing a priest's outfit. He introduces himself as Father Gabriel Stokes and asks Rick's group if he could be of any help. It ends on a cliffhanger as Rick holds the stranger at gunpoint, unsure of what to do.
  3. Similar to 2 but instead Father Stokes is replaced with a representative of the sanctuary that was broadcasting on the radio Daryl, Michonne, Tyreese and Bob heard in the first half of the Season on their jouney for medicine before running into the massive herd. They offer Rick's group safety at their safe zone. The episode ends with Rick's group and the stranger setting off for the sanctuary.
  4. This a continuation of 3 with Rick's group and the stranger arriving at the safezone to find it in one of either two states. 1) Completely intact with strong walls and gates, everyone is alive and welcomes the group inside, being greeted by the leader. 2) The safezone has been completely overrun, with no survivors devastating both Rick's group and the stranger.
  5. Facing attack from either walkers or an unkown enemy, Rick's group flees as one of their own falls during the attack. The group scatters once more, their fates unkown with no idea where they'll end up.

As far as theories go, not my best. But it will be interesting to see how they top the midseason finale. I can't wait!