To start this off, I have to begin by saying that I haven't really been keeping up with news on the TV Show, I've been somewhat distracted by the TellTale Games' Series and a certain 50 year old British science fiction show.

When I started to recap on news of the show, I was a little surprised upon seeing the reaction of some fans to the comments of Robert Kirkman concerning everyone's favourite crossbow weilding redneck, Daryl Dixon. Robert Kirkman said that since we don't know a lot about Daryl's past relationships, there is nothing to disprove the theory that he is gay. This is best summarised with one simple sentence;

Daryl might be gay. 

Now some humans -being their usual human selves- have had a fairly mixed response to this. In fact there is a blog by user Gearslover01 that highlights a lot of them.

But I'm going to look at those comments in this, I won't focus on the community, I'm going to focus on Daryl. There is a question that needs answering. Well, not really. But I'm going to answer it anyway. The questiion is whether or not it really matters if Daryl is gay. Does it? 

Of course nothing has been done in the show to say for certain that Daryl is gay. But then again there is nothing to say that he is straight or bisexual, asexual, pansexual, there is anything to say he doesn't see himself in a different gender either. I'm going a little bit too far with this. The point is we do not know how Daryl identifies himself and to be honest, it is not that important. 

There are those that believe it's a mistake to make him gay, saying that the show doesn't need a gay character, apparently forgetting that Tara exists. However, when you look at the show and the world that it has created, you realise that their sexual preference is barely even considered an important detail and rightly so. We the fans tune in every week when The Walking Dead is on our screens because we love the characters, we don't care if they like the same gender. The characters in The Walking Dead are not defined by their sexuality or the relationships they are in. They are defined by their actions, by what they have done to survive in a world filled with walking corpses that want to turn the living into an all you can eat buffet. 

By those terms, Daryl is such a popular character not because he might prefer a cock over a vagina, but because he is willing to do anything to protect and care for those around him. He has almost died looking for Sophia or saving Beth, he even took a savage beating to save the lives of Rick, Carl and Michonne. Daryl is a noble character, that is why we like the character and it is the only reason why we should.