So most of, by now, have either played through In Harm's Way, watched someone play through it on YouTube, or have read the Wikia entry for the episode on this very site. First thought on many people's minds once they reached was most likely "HOLY SHIT!!!"

So In Harm's Way (generic spoiler alert) saw the deaths of the brief and terrifying antagonsit, William 'Bill' Carver, our lovable Alvin (Determinant), good doctor Carlos, dickhead Troy, one armed Reggie and it also had us decide the fate of poor Sarita. Does she remain bitten, or does she get amputated by everyone's favourite 11 year old, Clementine?

We also saw Kenny's eye go the way of The Governor's, in that it will probably be covered up with an eyepatch at some point, if he lives long enough. We also discovered the fates of those Tavia convinced to join her in 400 Days. Bonnie is now one of us. (MONOTONE CHANTING, One of us, one of us, one of us, one of us) Jane has turned out to be quite the cold hearted girl, Sarah... Well, Sarah hasn't really changed. It just seems like she has, as Carver put it in All That Remains, shut down.

So now we must wait many months before we get our hands on Episode 4 - Amid The Ruins. So until such time as we see a proper trailer, or until the episode itself is released to the waiting herd of fans, we can let the conspiracy theories and madcap ideas run wild, giving people false hope, false dread, or getting it spot on. 

So in keeping with most of what I post on here, I'll show you my madcap theories and ideas...

So at the end of In Harm's Way, we saw Clementine and Co. walk through a herd of walkers, said to be in the thousands, smeared in their guts, while Carver's men fired into the herd to keep them from destroying their community. Of course, the most sensible thing to do would be wait until the herd overran the shopping centre, so that the group wasn't under the threat of being shot in the neck (Sorry Carlos) and subsequently devoured. But what with this being a video game, common sense pretty goes out the window, and Clementine and her new best friends for a limited time only (I'd say forever but friends keep dropping like flies) wade into the herd as bullets impact walker heads and doctor knecks alike. 

So Carlos was lost to the herd, Sarah fell into a grief stricken panic and ran off, not only alerting the walkers to her, but to those around her. This means Bonnie started shooting, Clementine started chopping and Sarita got busy being an all you can eat buffet for a shambling corpse. Clementine comes to her rescue to either kill the walker and sealing Sarita's fate, or chopping off her hand and letting the walker have some finger food because you just closed the buffet. 

From the 'next time' trailer, we can see that Luke and Sarah have gone missing, Jane is quite the pessemist, and Rebecca is about to give birth with no father in the picture, considering they are both dead. This means that it looks like the story may follow a path sort of like this;

It may start out almost exactly where it left off, similar to A House Divided, with Clementine faced with a bitten and/or amputated Sarita. You will then be faced with the task of escorting her out of the herd without her being bitten again. As you escape the herd, you find that you don't know where anyone else is. So you remember what they said about the Civil War Memorial and following the signs on the road. After a few more close encounters with the shambling kind, you and Sarita reach the Civil War Memorial. There, you search for any supplies you can find that will help Sarita. Her condition may grow worse as the story progresses, either due to the bite or bloodloss. Eventually, those who made it out of the herd alive, most likely everyone except Luke, will arrive at the Memorial to find you and a severely ill Sarita. Kenny will obviously be the one hit hard the most, as he was said to be in a relationship with her and losing Sarita would mean losing yet another person he cares about to the walkers. (We all remember Lee and Duck, right? And Chuck. And Brie. And Ben.) 

Eventually, after everyone is settled, you realise Sarah is nowhere to be found. So you are then forced to go look for her, finding her smashed glasses near the entrance to a nearby trailer park. Jane will go with you, offering advisen and support in finding her. Eventually, you find Sarah in one of the caravans in a psychologically catatonic state having just watched her father die. Her crying and scremaing has been loud enough to draw walkers to her. Clementine and Jane kill the walkers and eventually reach Sarah. She refuses to go with you, so you have the option of leaving her or staying with her. Either way, she'll still blame you at least partially for the death of Carlos, saying it was your idea to go out there, that it was you that got him killed. You can argue against it, or simply accept her rage. 

Eventually you and Jane can make Sarah see sense and to come back to the group at the memorial where there is safety in numbers, Either that, or Jane simply knocks her out and the two of you carry her back to the rest of them. 

Luke will eventually show up, looking tired and a little worse for ware, saying that the herd has overrun the mall and that its going to move their way sooner or later. Kenny asks you to remove his bandage, so he can know just how bad the damage is. Despite what you say, Kenny will still insist that you've done nothing wrong and that he doesn't regret taking the fall for you. You remove the bandage and inspect the full damage caused by Carver's beating. It isn't too good. You can look around for something to replace it, finding an eyepatch on a memorial prop or having found one earlier in the trailer park. Kenny will then wear an eyepatch from there on out. Sarita will die from her wounds leaving Kenny devastated. He's lost his son, his wife, his best friend, his eye, and now his girlfriend. 

The final part of the story will be Rebecca going into labour, and the noise of her screams from the pain of childbirth alerting the herd. Sarah could step up and help deliver the baby, possibly having been taught by her father in the eventuality that he would not be there to deliver the child. The rest of the survivors would hold off against the onslaught of the herd. It becomes clear that the herd is starting to overwhelm them, losing Mike and Nick in the process. While everyone else flees, Bonnie stays to defend Rebecca. You can choose to run with the others, or stay to defend Rebecca. If you leave, whoever is delivering the baby stays with Rebecca and Bonnie. The survivors and you find a house and hold up in there. 

If you stay, Sarah delvers the baby while you and Bonnie defend against the herd for as long as you can. After holding out for a while, the baby is born, but Rebecca is too weak too move. She tells you to leave her behind and to take care of her baby. Bonnie will take hold of the baby as you, her and Sarah leave Rebecca behind to be devoured by the walkers. 

At the house, all the survivors gather, Bonnie and Sarah arrive with the baby and no Rebecca (with the previous choice determining which side of the door you're on). The group will mourn for Rebecca, Nick and Mike. Eventually they begin to discuss a plan of action and what to do now that they have a baby. Kenny steps up as the leader and declares that they are all going north. That everyone is going to Wellington. Regardless of what you say, everyone will come to agree with Kenny's plan. You raid the house for supplies, rap up warm and leave the house, heading north to Wellington. 

So I'm gonna recap one thing; who I think is going to snuff it. 

  • Rebecca
  • Mike
  • Nick
  • Sarita

So if you agree with my theory, let me know. If you have a different idea, let me know. I just want feedback really, so let me know.