As we all know, The Walking Dead Season 4 ends very soon with "A", the episode with the shortest ever title.

To recap the second half of the Season so far, everyone aside from Rick, Carl, Michonne, Daryl, Beth, Tyreese and Carol have arrived safely (or not so safely) at Terminus; the supposed safe zone at the end of the railway line. Daryl has unknowingly joined a group who are hell bent on hunting down Rick for killing one of their own. Lizzie and Mika went for blown Ben and Billy mode, and now they are dead. Tyreese knows Carol killed Karen and David, Abraham Ford and his band of merry travellers have shown up, fully committed to going to Washington DC.

The survivors of the Prison assault (at the hands of our favourite psychopath 'The Guv'nor!) have spent most, if not all of the second half just trying to regroup. Now we have Terminus and the slightly disturbing Mary, who bears an uncanny resemblance to the messed up painting discovered by Michonne.

So what's to come for the last episode before we are starved of walker-filled goriness until October? Well I do have a little theory on that...

Please bare in mind, this is JUST theory, nothing more!

Starting with Rick's trio, they are wandering through the woods, wondering how far they are from Terminus when they here screaming. Carl, not thinking things through, runs straight towards the cries for help, only to discover a lone survivor being swarmed and ripped to shreds by walkers. Before he can fire off a shot in the vain attempt to rescue him, he is stopped by Rick and Michonne. They run off as walkers begin to notice and actively pursue them.

At the Terminus, Glenn and Maggie's group have begun to settle in at the railway station. Mary runs through the rules, like the glaringly obvious "everyone must pull their own weight if they want to stay. Sasha asks if Tyreese has shown up, only for Mary to say she hasn't seen anyone. Abraham and Eugene begin to negotiate with the Terminus survivors for a car and some supplies for their trip up to Washington. Maggie asks if they've seen anyone who looks like Beth, to which Mary quickly changes the subject, making a few of the survivors suspicious.

Meanwhile, Daryl and the Marauders continue on the trail after Rick. They eventually come across the devoured remains of the survivor, and the decapitated walkers Michonne killed while escaping the herd. The follow the trail of corpses and eventually come across the resting trio next to an abandoned car. The man who saw Rick (albeit while being strangled by one of his own) points him out to Joe. Daryl isn't quite sure it was him, or at the very least what to do about it.

Daryl then pulls Joe aside and tells him that Rick was the leader of his former group and also his friend. Joe then places him in the position of choosing whether or not he stays with Joe, or dies with Rick. Daryl is then forced to make up his mind. Either way, Joe's group approaches Rick's group until spotted by Carl. A standoff ensues which results in Rick's group being held captive by Joe's where they are to be executed for killing one of his group.

One of Joe's tries to assault Carl, I won't say in what way, who flees into the car. The marauder repeatedly says he 'claimed' Carl, and that he can do whatever he likes. As the marauder repeatedly tries to pull him out, a horrified Rick, forced to watch, fights back against the group, going on a rampage and brutally slaughtering them one by one, minus Daryl. Rick pulls the marauder away from Carl and repeatedly beats his face until he dies or someone he knows pulls him away. Rick, visibly shaken, rests against the car as the others, and a barely alive Joe, look on in fear at what he has done.

Meanwhile at Terminus, Tyreese, Carol and baby Judith arrive, and are met with a very warm welcome from Sasha and the others. Later that night, after they too settle in, they fill each other in on what happened before they reached Terminus. When Carol reveals to everyone what she did at the Prison, so does Tara, who tells the group that she was with "Brian". She tells them she saw Hershel die, and that's how she knew he was truly bad. Maggie attacks Tara out of grief and rage only for Glenn to stop her. He explains that he already knew and that it wasn't her fault. Maggie calms down but still feels resentment towards her. Tara explains that afterward she watched her sister, and her niece die because of the Governor.

Later, when the survivors are sleeping, Mary enters a locked room. The door closes behind her and muffled screams are heard. In the morning, during breakfast, Carol asks about something she heard last night, someone screaming. Mary brushes it off as probably just a nightmare, and encourages them to eat up.

Meanwhile, Rick, Carl, Michonne and Daryl have continued onward to Terminus, with a captive Joe in tow. Joe keeps saying that Terminus is not safe, and that he will get revenge on Rick for what he has done. Rick stops and punches Joe in the face, saying that when one his group tried to violate his son, they lost all rights to a vendetta. They come across a store where they scavenge for supplies. Daryl repeatedly says "claimed" which confuses the others. Joe explains his rules to Rick and what happened to the Len who went against them to get Daryl killed. Daryl confirms this to Rick.

As Joe and Rick repeatedly antagonise each other over everything that has happened to them, Michonne pipes up, telling the two to cut it out and just let it be.

Back at Terminus, the group's curiosities and suspicions continue to grow, until they finally discover the locked room and break in. To their horror, they discover a chained up Beth and another survivor. The survivor is missing both their legs and is close to death, while Beth is only missing one. Mary's group corner the prison survivors, telling them they are in big trouble. The survivors are rounded up and imprisoned. The leader of the Terminus group (not Mary) explains that food had become scarce. When threatened with starvation and a lack of ability to hunt animals, they turned on humans as a source of food, even eating a lot of their younger members of the group. They then explain that they lure other survivors there in order to harvest them for meat, meaning they intend to kill and eat the survivors.

As they are locked up, Beth is taken away to be carved up for more food. Before they can, Rick's company arrives and immediately sense something is wrong. They are greeted by Mary, who appears warm and inviting. Suddenly, they here someone (Glenn and Co.) cry for help. Mary draws her gun, as does Rick's group. A shootout begins with a lot of the Terminus group being shot and killed, Joe included. After freeing his group and discovering what happened, Rick, Daryl, Carol, Abraham and Michonne brutally torture and murder the remaining cannibals. Meanwhile,a tearful Maggie finds Beth bleeding out in pain and begs her not to die. Beth does,however, die as a result of bloodloss, and Maggie is overcome with the grief of losing her entire family. Tyreese offers to stop Beth from coming back, but Maggie picks up a knife, and in a fit of rage and sadness, stabs Beth in the head, preventing her from reanimating. Maggie joins the other in the torture of the remaining Terminus group, taking it upon herself to personally torture and kill the leader.

When all is said and done, Rick has the survivors scavenge what they can from Terminus and has the bodies of the unknown survivor and the cannibals burned. Beth is buried by the side of the tracks, and Abraham invites Rick's group to escort Eugene to Washington. Rick accepts the invitation, and properly introduces himself to Abraham. The group search the place for any transportation and come across a train. After Eugene figures out how to work it, Rick's now reunited group, climbs into the trucks/carriages and prepares to leave. Just before they can, a stranger shows up, who asks the group if they know how to get to DC.

So that's that. There are some things that could, or will, be different. Firstly the new guy, Gareth. Either he is the leader of Terminus, thus filling in the role as leader of the hunters; he is the TV equivalent of Aaron from the comics, or he could be the TV equivalent of Father Gabriel Stokes. If it's Gabriel, his first line should be him approaching Rick's group and saying, "Excuse me. But do you have a minute to talk about The Lord and saviour, Jesus Christ?"

Most of this probably won't happen, although Rick's brutal murder of Joe's group might. The initial survivor's walker devouring will happen (it's in the bloody preview for crying out loud!) and if Rick does kill Joe's group, he may not spare Joe as I wrote it...