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  • Stewlock

    Let's be honest for a second, none of us really know how The Walking Dead will end, whether it how it'll end it's 6th Season or how it will end all together. But let's face it, that's not going to stop us from speculating.

    With that in mind, I gave some thought to how AMC might end the next Season of The Walking Dead. 

    Now this could go a number of ways. Either this turns out to be surprisingly accurate, somewhat accurate, or just really horrible fan fiction. But I'm not complaining. At least not yet anyway.

    So we've reached the final episode of Season 6, most of Rick's main company have survived (probably), everyone who has died has died, become undead and died again., and the town of Alexandria is safe once more and united against their com…

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  • Stewlock

    It's undeniable that The Walking Dead has a body count of characters killed off that rivals Game of Thrones, but it just seems like there are a select few that are destined to survive through the zombie apocalypse no matter what. At least for now, anyway. They will at least be around for an extremely long time.

    It seems that for the foreseeable future, these characters are safe in this world they live in, despite the show trying to tempt you into saying otherwise. So here they are, my top five invincible characters of The Walking Dead! The TV show that is.

    1. Rick Grimes

    It goes without saying, but I'm going to say it anyway, that Rick Grimes just so happens to be the most invincible character in the show. He's been shot, beaten to within an …

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  • Stewlock

    Something I generally like to do during the lull time between Seasons of the show is try and figure out what's going to happen when it comes back. Most of what happens in the show happens during a story arc or character arc. Everything is always built up to, even if the build up isn't much.

    So here are what I feel are going to be the main story arcs for the first half of Season 6 of The Walking Dead.

    Arc 1 - Hungry Like The Wolf

    I didn't have to use that title. I just really wanted to. If you can't deduce what the title refers to within the show, I'm talking about the wolves, this weird, almost cult level group that was alluded to throughout the 2nd half of the 5th Season, that had a run in with Morgan, Aaron, Daryl, and the unfortunate red h…

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  • Stewlock

    Spend gave up quite the platter of events this week for the people of Alexandria. We got two significant moments from the comics and a hint of a rather nasty one to come. First off, Abraham's heroics during construction of the wall expansion. Now is it me, or did Abraham really enjoy caving in the skulls of the decomposed corpses that wanted nothing more than to eat him alive? Not only did Abraham practically annihilate an entire horde of walkers (with help from Francine and Bruce) and save Francine's life, but he then gets placed in charge of the constuction crew as Tobin steps down. A good day for Rick's pals so far, right? No...

    It was about time Gabriel actually did something other than pray for everyone's souls. And just like his comic…

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  • Stewlock

    So Carl... What Happened?

    December 10, 2014 by Stewlock

    For those who have watched The Walking Dead on the tv screens and held the comics in your hand and flicked through every page, you will know that Rick Grimes' son, Carl, has had a very turbulent childhood so far. He's been thrown into the deep end of the end of the world, seen his dad go into a coma, come out of the coma, faced hundreds of walker attacks, shot Shane, lost his mum and baby sister, lose his eye, kill a kid, reach a very dark place and then kill some more kids.

    Jeez, and I thought my childhood was bad! Well, it wasn't. Just mildly uneventful...

    So readers of the comics will no doubt know that very recently, in Issue 134, that Carl and Sophia were both attacked by two arseholes of kids who hit Carl in the head with a brick and s…

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