Starved for help

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  • Starved for help

    A cold, abandond playground, to me this says all hope is lost, what was once a joyus place for kids is now dead and gone......meaning Clem will die!

    we all know how Telltale like to hint right? Chuck in season 1 = If something were to happen to you......

    Jane in season 2 = I dont want to wait around for it to happen to you....

    Clem is gunna die, guys.

    For those that have not seen this in the flesh - ( it starts at 1:18 )

    Oh, and they said the release date is coming NEXT WEEK? wow, did not expect that. That must mean the episode will be out very soon right? ( LOL tyhey gave us a release date for the realease date! TROLLtale! )

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