They say that the choices in we made in season 1 will " echo " in 4oo Days DLC, but i think Telltale are just downplayiong it and then plan on suprising us, they said when asked if cannabalisum would be in Episode 2 that it " comes up " and as we know cannabalisum played a BIG part in the ep, so what cool things could telltale do with ou season 1 choices?

Also Note that TT has said that the 5 new characters may or may appear in season 2 depending on your choices, so obviously some are going to die

We can see in the trailer that Russel is walking down what looks like the same road the Lee drives down in episode 3, and you can sort of make out a few dead bodys if you pause the trailer at the right time, so mabey will see dead Doug/Calrey, also, i dont know how far up the road Russel goes but imagine if he came across a zombie Duck? If we let duck turn then there is a chance he could hgave just walked his way down back to the area that road was on, i dont know how long Lee was on the train before they had to stop for Duck, so who knows? I think that would be Awesome,especialy if it only happens if you let him turn in Episode 3.

This is even less likley but in the trailer you see a girl running in cornfeilds and im sure most of us thought " St John Dairy? " Here are some scenarios that could save/Kill that girl if she is in fact at the dairy

If we let both Danny and andy Live in season 1 then DLC girl gets there, danny has been let out of the trap by andy and they both end up killing her, so that seals her fat as a not in season 2 character

If we killed one sy john only but  then you have a CHOICE of letting DLC girl live or die ( mabey she would have a 50/50 chance of surving just one st john )

If we killed them both then  dont know, mabey she goes to the dairy and fghts walker, Im sorry if this dont make sense at all i Hope you can see where im coming from lol

There could be Lots of choices in season 1 that could affect the DLC.