Everyone in the comments section on youtube for the trailer is all like OMG DAFUQS CLEM? WE WANT CLEM!! CLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEM!

Dont get me wrong, she is a nice kid, i like her and want her to survive and all that, but after looking after her ass for 5 episodes and getting bitten because she decided to run off with a stranger im actually glad we may be getting an episode without making sure she is the priority, an to all you clem lovers all i can say is dont worry, she WILL be in season 2, so how about for now you just stfu and ENJOY a clem free episode for once?

On a side note im still sorta pissed at her lol i mean after episode 2 i was certian that more seasons would be made, after that amazing episode it was a safe bet this series would go far! and i was hopin to god that Lee would last for until the very end at least as i was hoping to make him my very own Rick Grimes, rick grimes has gone through hell in his journey and i wanted to tell my own story with lee, tell it MY WAY! and because of clems actions, i cant lol, i dont want a child to be the star of this show.