• Spugizakom28

    They say that the choices in we made in season 1 will " echo " in 4oo Days DLC, but i think Telltale are just downplayiong it and then plan on suprising us, they said when asked if cannabalisum would be in Episode 2 that it " comes up " and as we know cannabalisum played a BIG part in the ep, so what cool things could telltale do with ou season 1 choices?

    Also Note that TT has said that the 5 new characters may or may appear in season 2 depending on your choices, so obviously some are going to die

    We can see in the trailer that Russel is walking down what looks like the same road the Lee drives down in episode 3, and you can sort of make out a few dead bodys if you pause the trailer at the right time, so mabey will see dead Doug/Calrey, also…

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  • Spugizakom28

    Do you think it would work well? lol Telltale say you can choose what order you play the DLC in, so it would go something like this

    1. Episode 1

    2. Day 2 Vince

    3. Day 43 Wyatt

    4. Episode 2

    5. Episode 3

    6. Episode 4

    7. Episode 5

    8.Day 184 ( who ever that is )

    9. Day 220 ( who ever 0

    10 Day 236 ( who ever )

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  • Spugizakom28

    Everyone in the comments section on youtube for the trailer is all like OMG DAFUQS CLEM? WE WANT CLEM!! CLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEM!

    Dont get me wrong, she is a nice kid, i like her and want her to survive and all that, but after looking after her ass for 5 episodes and getting bitten because she decided to run off with a stranger im actually glad we may be getting an episode without making sure she is the priority, an to all you clem lovers all i can say is dont worry, she WILL be in season 2, so how about for now you just stfu and ENJOY a clem free episode for once?

    On a side note im still sorta pissed at her lol i mean after episode 2 i was certian that more seasons would be made, after that amazing episode it was a safe bet this series wo…

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  • Spugizakom28

    Not all of these are confirmed, but i think i saw...

    A woman wearing carlys jacket ( could just be lazyness on TTs part )

    What could be the St John dairy

    Vernons gang but no Vernon

    Beatrice from episode 3 ( the woman you either shoot or use as distraction )

    The Gas station ( kenny says somebody grabbed duck at a gas station )

    What looks like carly/doug dead by the roadside ( pause trailer at 34 seconds and look to the left of the road ) 

    anyone see anymore?

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