So, I was sitting around making predictions for the upcoming volume All Out War. I was thinking: who will die? Who will live? What will happen to the safe zones? But then I though, who will win?

What if in a sudden twist, The Saviors win the battle, and take over all the safe zones, or at the very least, gain control of one safezone. I could see them gaining control of say, The Kingdom, and executing most to all of the inhabitants? Or what if Rick and the gang and forced to flee Alexandria, like how they were forced to flee the Prison. What if they flee Alexandria and move into the Kingdom, or Hilltop or a new place althogether? Maybe they'll live on the road for a bit, untill  finding a new place to inhabit.

Many survivors will die though, from all four colonies. That's a given. I personally think Dwight, Michonne, Holly, Nicholas, John, Ezekiel, Gregory, Heath, and hell, maybe even Maggie, just to name a few. Rick might even die (Robert's said in the past that he plans on killing Rick at one point and having the series carry on with out him).  Robert Kirkman probably won't kill off that many characters, he didn't even kill that many characters in Volume Eight. But then again, he has much more people to work with this time around...

We all know Robert Kirkman is a Sly bastard, and that anything goes on The Walking Dead, so he may pull something like this.

What do you guys think?