Issue 123

Here is the cover for Issue #123.

This is a cover that raises a lot of questions. Let's analyze this.

Only the left, we can clearly see Dwight aiming his signature crossbow at Rick, as Rick is firing his gun. The same image is shwon on the right, this time from behind. An obviouis answer for this is that Dwight is litterally shooting Rick in the ass. However, I don't think this is the case. We all know from reading issue 118 that Dwight has revelaed all of the Saviors outposts to our heros, which cause an ambush on it. The men stationed at the outpost had no idea of this, causing them to be slaughtered. I doubt Dwight would kill many of his own just to get an easy shot at Rick. We also know that Sherry, Dwights wife, is one of Negans wives now, and that the left side of his face was given the iron, also by Negan. Both these would give Dwight a reason to work with Rick. Perhapse he got what he wanted and is now finished with Rick and his group? We'll have to wait and see. 

Ezekiel is also shown on this cover, pictured in the middle. He appears to be holding a walking stick, mostly likley the cane/sword hybride we saw in Issue 110. He appers to look sadded, probably because of Shivas death, but I'd except her death to be looked upon in an earlier issue, like 120, than one this late. I really don't know what to make of him being pictured.


Issue 124

Here is the cover for Issue 124. This can be talkign about in a later post, but it's here for the Dwight reason. Rick is pictured here, and not Dwight, hinting that if Dwight did try to take Rick out, he didn't execute his plan well *pun intended*. Negan also appears to be surrendering to the Hilltop. Interessting...

  • UPDATE* Issue 123's teaser is "Whose side is Dwight REALLY on?", as pointed out by an unidentified commenter. This almost certainly adds to the possiblity of a backstab, or arrow throught the head *RIP Abraham*