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    May 14, 2014 by Spilia4

    Wow! I don't think anyone was expecting anything that happened in Issue 127! Like, wow!

    What were your thoughts on it? I have mixed feelings. While I love seeing the progression, and the new characters, setting, and personalities, I feel as if it was a lazy way for Kirkman to avoid showing the rebuilding process, because it'd be too difficult to show how it was done. 

    Post your opinions on the new issue! 

    Also, am I the only one dying to know what happened to Dwight and the Saviors?

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  • Spilia4

    Here is the cover for Issue #123.

    This is a cover that raises a lot of questions. Let's analyze this.

    Only the left, we can clearly see Dwight aiming his signature crossbow at Rick, as Rick is firing his gun. The same image is shwon on the right, this time from behind. An obviouis answer for this is that Dwight is litterally shooting Rick in the ass. However, I don't think this is the case. We all know from reading issue 118 that Dwight has revelaed all of the Saviors outposts to our heros, which cause an ambush on it. The men stationed at the outpost had no idea of this, causing them to be slaughtered. I doubt Dwight would kill many of his own just to get an easy shot at Rick. We also know that Sherry, Dwights wife, is one of Negans wives n…

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  • Spilia4

    Okay, so here's this theory I came up with while reading Issue 113. Dwight betrays the group.

    So, you know how Aaron and Jesus are running to check on an outpost that Dwight reveals, and it ends with jesus saying "Oh damn"? Well, what if Dwight somehow betrays the group, and warns the outpost about an incoming lookput? it's just a theory, but thought I'd share.

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  • Spilia4

    Issue 113 Discussion

    August 14, 2013 by Spilia4

    This post will contain spoilers. No bitching if you get spoiled.*

    Wow, I just finished #113, and all I can say is, incredible issue. My heart was racing the whole time, wondering who Negan would kill. His speech, Carl's attempt to kill Negan, just amazing. The atmosphere was amazing. The fight between Connor and Andrea in the bell tower was great too. When I flipped the page and saw a figure falling out, I was sure it was Andrea. I do think the issue should have ended without showing if Andrea lived or not, would have given much more to think about. 

    All I can say it, can't wait for the next issue! his was one of my favourites, and the only one to really make my heart race.  

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  • Spilia4

    So, I was sitting around making predictions for the upcoming volume All Out War. I was thinking: who will die? Who will live? What will happen to the safe zones? But then I though, who will win?

    What if in a sudden twist, The Saviors win the battle, and take over all the safe zones, or at the very least, gain control of one safezone. I could see them gaining control of say, The Kingdom, and executing most to all of the inhabitants? Or what if Rick and the gang and forced to flee Alexandria, like how they were forced to flee the Prison. What if they flee Alexandria and move into the Kingdom, or Hilltop or a new place althogether? Maybe they'll live on the road for a bit, untill  finding a new place to inhabit.

    Many survivors will die though, …

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