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  • Spiderachim123

    We should bring back the comic section of weapons, Rick had a 'Heckler & Koch Mark 23 'in the 'beginning, Andrea a Glock 35, Jim aswell. Carl has a 'Heckler & Koch USP, I think. Lori a Walther P99, Glenn a Walther P38 and Sam a Remington 870 Winchester. These are only a few I was able to get. Please lets work on it. Why do we have tv, video game, and webisode weapons, but not comic wepaons, doesn't make sense.

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  • Spiderachim123

    Is Michonne on the cover of issue 100, with the landscape of dead bodies, at the right between Amy's legs. Is that Michonne, Brianna or some other African-American women? Help! Please respond, after looking closely at the cover. Sorry don't have it on here.

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  • Spiderachim123

    2 years after the outbreak Negan and his men take half of everything Rick's group had, water, gasoline, books, furniture, medical supplies, and four mattresses. One month later Negan takes about 6-8 giant boxes of canned food from the Kingdom that Rick brought. With Negan angry at the deaths of his men, again, he will kill several of Rick's group. But will Negan forget it and come back in a month and pretend nothing happened and take their stuff for a third time. Please tell me your ideas. When will Negan be done with Rick and his group FOREVER?

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  • Spiderachim123

    Ok Alexandria in the comic series won't survive much longer, didn't Olivia say they were starving and what if the war continues and Rick can't go to Hiltop for food. What is Negan tries to starve them even more? Also Woodbury in the TV series looks like Alexandria more than it's comic counterpart. Will the survivors go to Virginia, Washington, Alexandria or is the prison the new alexandria for season 4. Also maybe they will make the safe zone in the tv series look better than it's comic book version.

    Alexandria TV series

    grows food

    more guards

    hotter showers

    water pipline could last forever

    Please tell me your ideas.

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  • Spiderachim123

    I saw her just now and I set up this blog. Like Earl Sutton, she appeared only in the background. We should change her first appearance to Issue 95. Next to her, you can see her 12 year old son.

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