Just curious. I don't think I will. The game itself has practically no replay value. Choosing makes little to no difference in this game, so I seriously don't see the point. I'm going to skip episode 1-5 and concentrate on 6. Saving Ben. Did that make a difference in the end? No. Cutting off your arm. Did that make a difference? No. Telling Clem to handcuff the security guard or yourself to the heater. Difference? Telling the Campman you're sorry vs being aggressive towards him. Same results. Even whether you chose to take his stuff in the beginning or not also made no difference. Once again, no. Same concept went with every single previous episodes. So yeah, seriously, what's the point of choosing? We're all going to have the exact same ending in the end. What a joke. Again, no replay value.

This is comparable to when Diablo 3 came out and everyone was crazy about it having 4 characters, and each character has its own background story. Oh, you mean going through the exact same dungeons, where the only difference is the lines that a barbarian say and the lines that the hunter says is different, and that's considered a different storyline? Yeah, that makes all the difference in the world when the barbarian screams out "kill her!" while the hunter mutters out "i hunt in the shadows" or some bs like that while killing the exact same boss at the exact same event at the exact same level. No. Difference. At. All. 


So apparently, you little fanboys decide to bash on people because they are not liking a game that you like. Makes perfect sense. Some people have posted that I have not really argued my point, so I'm hoping this would:

Alright, fair enough, here's a better explanation. The point is, this game was originally marketed as a genre where you can control your character, make your own choices, and have your decision affect outcomes. What we have right now is basically a story-game where you have absolutely little to no control of the outcome; and that's pretty much the opposite of what was originally marketed.


For improvement, if it isn't obvious enough, is the ability to have more control on what would happen depending on your choices. Now I know it'll be impossible to truly allow us to have an infinite amount of outcomes, but having 3-5 different endings would've been nice, instead of the same one that everyone gets - Lee ends up dying.

It doesn't even have to be the ending that I'm emphasizing on. Take Carley and Doug. Telltales did good back in episode 1 in allowing you to choose who to save. I liked the fact that I get to choose. Now for improvement, what should've happened was determining on who you chose to save, you get a different "ability" within your team. Doug was more of a nerd, and he was able to set up a parameter defense made with cans. Carley was a nice shot, and she would've been able to provide firepower. Now, did the game utilize this? Not really. True, Doug made a fence with an alarm system, but did that really impact how the game was played? No. Was Carley's gun shooting ability ever used? Not really. Then to top it off, in episode 3, the person you chose ends up dying anyways, no matter what you do. You blame Lily, Carley dies. You blame Ben, Carley dies. You blame yourself, Carley dies. So let me ask, what's the point of choosing? If I blame Ben, maybe we could've had a choice to abandon Ben instead. That would've been better - the ability for us to choose what happens next! 

Another prime example is meeting new people. That bum Charlie, and the two duo from San Francisco Crista and Omid. There should be a choice for you to accept them or not. You can choose to be hostile to them, or you can choose to be friendly. Why accept everyone that the story allows you to accept? Why can't I communicate with the thugs and come up with a deal back in episode 2 / 3? Why couldn't we be the aggressor and ended up persuading my group to take over the farm instead of letting them capturing us? Or, better yet, why couldn't we just plainly ignore the two brothers in the beginning, which would allow us to skip the farm plot, and come up with a whole different scenario? Why must we interact with the farm brothers? We did have a choice on how to communicate with them, whether we were being careful, hostile, or seemed helpless to them. But does it happen in the end? No, you end up following them, and guess what, you don't even get to choose who would come with you.

I could go on and on, but I'm hoping I'm making a point. In conclusion, I initially liked this game, but as it continued on, I realized how boring, predictable, and frustrating it became to the point where I no longer cared about what choices I made in episode 4 or 5. What I don't like about this game is how the marketing was a bit deceptive and the gameplay was misleading; why give us a game to allow us to choose when whatever we chose makes absolutely no difference in the outcome? 

Now I don't really care if you disagree or agree with me. It is 100% your choice and your preference, ironically. But what I do ask, though, is if you're going to critisize, then don't act like some of the idiots down there. Unfortunately, constructive conversation is rare now with so much idiots trolling the internet.