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  • Sorikorik

    Season 4 Episode Titles

    September 26, 2013 by Sorikorik

    Ep 2 - Infected

    Ep 3 - Isolation 

    Anyone wanna update that on the Season 4 page? I'd do it but I don't know how :(

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  • Sorikorik

    I know most of us probably think Milton did it, but I think there is a very possible chance that Martinez could've done it. People have been pointing out that Martinez's comic counterpart is a bit more sly, and his TV counterpart is more "straightforward." 

    IMO, Martinez's point of view towards the prison survivors changed after he met Daryl and has a slight talk with him. When they arrived back at Woodbury and the Governor orders him to prepare men out to kill everyone in sight when they meet next, Martinez acknowledges it, but doesn't show that "slick smile" that he usually does whenever he kills something with satisfaction. 

    I have a theory that Martinez may start to feel that this is all going out of control, but do not trust anyone to s…

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  • Sorikorik

    Seeing how they were fighting, they busted some of the Governor's fishtanks with the heads inside. I would say that since the liquid within the tanks are, you know, contaminated, you'd think the glass shards would be too. When Michonne took a piece of glass, her hands got cut, so wouldn't she get infected from it? Then, she stabbed the Governor in the eye with it. Another infection? 

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  • Sorikorik

    Just curious. I don't think I will. The game itself has practically no replay value. Choosing makes little to no difference in this game, so I seriously don't see the point. I'm going to skip episode 1-5 and concentrate on 6. Saving Ben. Did that make a difference in the end? No. Cutting off your arm. Did that make a difference? No. Telling Clem to handcuff the security guard or yourself to the heater. Difference? Telling the Campman you're sorry vs being aggressive towards him. Same results. Even whether you chose to take his stuff in the beginning or not also made no difference. Once again, no. Same concept went with every single previous episodes. So yeah, seriously, what's the point of choosing? We're all going to have the exact same e…

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  • Sorikorik

    Michonne's Not Very Smart

    November 7, 2012 by Sorikorik

    To get to the point...

    Hi, I'm Michonne, I don't trust the Governor so I'm going to go about glaring at him whenever I can and the rest of his men. That's how I intend to secure my survival.

    Yeah.... not very smart at all. Is it just me or is anyone else getting annoyed at the obvious hateful impression that Michonne emits towards the Governor? FFS if you think he's so dangerous and she's such a suvivor, you'd think she'd make it less obvious. Jeez.

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