Is it entirely possible that Rick's death on the tv series is coming soon? And the comic book, is he about to lose his life?

I wouldn't say his death is going to be very near when it comes to the tv show for many reasons of being that he is the MAIN fucking character and if he dies most of the focus would be lost unless someone took his place as the main focus of the storyline, which presumably Carl would take over (and not as the leader like many idiots keep telling me cause why would anyone take orders from a child.) Though I don't think its entirely impossible that Rick's death could be earlier than expected, but I still want to see a well deserved closure to his story that is more fulfilling rather than just aesthetically shocking to increase ratings. I could be brutally wrong in this aspect. And if I'm right about identifying Rick's character as the heroic archetype for true American ideals then we should be looking for him to die Eddard Stark style--

As for the comic book is concerned, I see him dying VERY soon. He's making a huge mistake with fighting back Negan so soon. There's going to be repercussions for this. He is going to pay dearly. As for his character living through this Negan-New World Order story arc, I think not. The NWO destroys basic American ideals of family, community, property, happiness, etc. Negan will eliminate Rick.