Is the shift of power that takes place.

In the day and age we currently live in, those who are considerd " Elite " are world leaders, Politicians, High earning bankers and Lawyers, people who earn a lot of money basicly.

The people who are currently considerd " thugs " in this day and age would all of a sudden be the top dogs, anyone who who is big, brutal and has a mean swing of a mele wepon, Phycos, those with Bi polar disorder, those who are willing to fight to the death for whatever cause. The same goes for Soldiers, cops, Doctors and nurses, they may be respected, but no way are they looked up to when competeing with a world leader or an ivory league doosh bag banker. 

Who would you rather be with during a zombie apooc?  a 6 ft 2 beast of man who has been in and out of jail for fighting in his former life, or a 5 ft 9 former lawyer who used to earn 20k a month?

and thats what i love about the ZA, the true alphas become the leaders.

I hope you all see what I mean?