So when that foul mouthed- face scaring - woman pimping -asian dome bashing - wood fucking son bitch ( Who you know you like really ) finally dies, how do you hope it happens? There lots of ways he could die

Death by sword

Death by Kitana sword

Death by Lucile, poetic justice

Death by Tiger ( that Tiger HAS to kill someone soon right? Been like 7 Issues )

Death by Crazy one eyed kid

Death by Crossbow

Death by sniper

Mabey Lilly will just come out of nowhere and shoot him in the back of the head, still upset about killing Lori

Death by Ninja Jesus

And much much more, I personaly want him to be either killed by the Tiger, or someone ( Rick or Maggie or sophia) kills hm with Lucile )

And so its coming out every 2 weeks from now? any idear why? that seems like a lot of work for Kirkman