So with the Walking Dead Season 3 coming to a close, and season 4 rearing it's ugly head, who will survive Prey, This Sorrowful Life and Welcome to the Tombs? Rick Carl Andrea Michonne Carol Glenn and Maggie are the best at a chance for survival, but I doubt Woodbury will strike again in Season 4. So; here we go

The Governor: I like his character and he is an interesting one as well. Rick can see through him, but Andrea can't, so I don't believe she can kill him. It would be cool if, instead of dying at the Prison, it is destroyed and he follows the group Status: Alive

Tyreese and Sasha: "The Governor is not who he seems." I think they are the traitors in Prey and go back to the Prison, where they both survive.

Allen and Ben: They reluctently leave with Tyreese, Sasha, Andrea and the next three below. In the end, Ben is shot in the back of the head while protecting Beth and Carl. Status: Alive, Dead

Milton: We see Phillip pushing Milton against a wall, and he can't defend himself. He leaves to the Prison and survives the attack

Cesaer Martinez: Leaves With the others to go to the prison. While the other tries to betray them by taking their weapons, Martinez will not go along with it. he will not survive the attck, as he is bitten by multiple walkers, and Daryl, with whom he had a mutual respect, puts in arrow to prevent his reanimation

Shupert/Bowman: He wants to betray the Priosn Survivors, but doesn't, and for this he gets shot by the Governor

Others (Noah Karen Paul, McLeod etc): Unfortunately I can't say for all of them, but Ms. McLeod can't fight, Karen will be asked by Andrea to join Rick's group but declines, and I guess Paul would die

Hershel: I don't think a one legged guy would last long, so he looses something and goes down fighting. Shot by an unnamed Woodbury guy

Beth: I don't Know caused she is he hardest Character. She has not had a character development yet, but that could potentionally not happen

Daryl: Same but he has developed

Merle: Same, but he is a danger

Morgan: I hope he saves Rick's life by shooting a guy who is about to kll Rick

Morales Family: I don't know if they will see them again. If the group goes NorthWest, they would reach Birmingham, but I doughtMorales made it that far, but the camp was a little more that 200 km away from Birmingham.

Abraham's Group: Could They possibly meet back up at Hershel's farm? If they do, all walkewrs would be cleared out and Abraham, Rosita and Eugene would be there.

Comments please. No rude comments like "this would never happen" or "Dude that is so F**king stupid, why would you think that" Please leave your comments below