“Huh, he huh, he huh, he huh”

“Rugh, Rugh, Rugh”

Bill Johnson has tripped over a trashcan. Shit

He picks it up and throws it at the walker chasing him. It falls to the ground, dead

Huh, he huh, he huh. He breathes heavely again. Out in the distance, an ice cream shoppe can be seen. Bill runs towards it, hoping to take refuge. As he opens the door, the bell rings.

“Por Que demonios estas aqui? “

Bill: …h..ola

“Don’t mind Maria, she doesn’t speak a lot of english”

Bill: and who are you

Franco: My name is Franco Ramirez , this is Ian Robertson, and Katie Miller. Plus Pete, the owner. He is mute.

Bill: I’m Bill Johnson. Nice to meet you a…

tap tap tap. “Let me in. those undead bastards are coming back”

Franco: Maria, se abre la puerta

Maria: Si

Maria opens the door to find a teenage girl with a blood-spattered Desert Eagle in her hands.

“Thanks ma’m”

Maria: Que?

“Gracias Senorita”

Maria: De nada. Se llama?

Olivia: Me llamo Olivia Carson.

Ian: Nice to meet you, Olivia

Olivia: Nice to meet you too. What is your name?

Ian: Ian Robertson, That is Maria Lewis, Franco Ramirez, Katie Miller, and Bill Johnson. That’s Pete. He can’t talk.

Olivia is about to say something when the sound of broken glass is heard. Walkers pour in from the broken doors. Katie and Maria scream, which draws the walkers attention. Bill and Franco get everybody to start running to the Back Exit. Pete is falling behind. Franco turns around to see his friend get ripped apart, still as silent as ever. Franco begins to turn around when a walker grabs his arm and bites down on it. He screams for help. Bill gets a knife from the table and strikes it 3 times in the head. Franco gets up, bleeding and walks away with Bill to the others. They get in an Ice cream truck and drive off. Near Camp Creek State Forest, they run out of gas. Bill, Olivia, Franco and Ian get out in search of a place to stay. They come across a house big enough for all of them. They hear the tick of a shotguna nd hear the words

“What the fuck are you doing on my property?”

End Of Chapter One


Bill Johnson (state who made him)

Franco Ramirez (Alex Gonzales870)

Maria Lewis (state who made her)

Olivia Carson (me)

Katie Miller (Hunter Biondolino)

Ian Robertson (Rogue RenegadeX)

Pete (original Character)

And Shotgun Guy (whom will be stated next week. Here is a hint. Made somebody else in walking dead wiki laguh out loud.)



(Will Franco Re-Animate? Find Out Next Week)