All right... I know that many people wonder what will happen to the Vatos.

This will happen after the prison, also my views at the end of the prison


Guillermo: An undead human- Later killed by Rick

Felipe: A survivor of the Vatos building overrun- Dies when he gets bitten by a walker and is put down by Glenn

Miguel: Survives the Vatos attack- real status unknown after Felipe dies, but will be useful

Abuela: Survives Vatos attack- bitten and reanimates. A tearful Miguel has to kill her at the end of an episode

Jorge: Deceased

Carlito: Deceased

Unnamed Thug 1: Survives Vatos attack- Name: Carter- Dies when walkers bite Felipe

Unnamed Thug 2: Deceased

Gilbert: Deceased

Nurse 1: Survivor of Vatos attack- Deceased

Woman who was reading from a book: Survivor Vatos attack- Leaves with Miguel

Man who was read to: Survivor- Leaves with Miguel

Two Thugs: Survivors- Leave with Miguel

Three Thugs: Survivors- All die at different times


Rick Grimes: Survives while the Vatos live

Carl Grimes: Survives

Morgan Jones: Survives

Duane Jones: Bitten while playing with Carl (Undead)

Jenny Jones: Finally killed by Morgan before they meet again

Lam Kendal: Dies in  the end

Unnamed Sheriff 2: Dies in the end

Daryl Dixon: Survives

Carol: Deceased

Morales: Survives

Eliza Morales: Survives

Luis Morales: Deceased

Maggie Greene: Survives

Glenn Rhee: Survives

Beth Greene: Deceased

Michonne: Survives

Andrea: Survives

Tyreese: Survives

Sasha: Deceased

Allen: Survives

Ben: Deceased


Morales will be off with Daryl, Glenn, and Rick on "adventures," so his children will look up to Felipe and Miguel

When the walkers attck the group where one thug, Nurse 1, "Carter", and Carol die, Morales will look for Luis. In the end of that episode, he will find Luis's body

The sherrifs and Sasha and Ben die later, at different times. Ben will kill Sasha, and Carl will kill Ben.

Beth is killed by Glenn when she gets bitten

In hindsight, this should have been named POST PRISON IDEAS