Rick: Survives

Carl: Survives

Andrea: Survives

Morgan: Survives

Abraham: Survives

Daryl: Deceased

Glenn: Survives

Maggie: Survives

Michonne: Survives

Allen: Deceased

Morales: Deceased


Tyreese: Deceased

Rosita: Deceased

Eugene: Survives

Gabriel: Survives

Chris: Deceased

Teresa: Deceased

Greg: Deceased

Charlie: Deceased

Albert: Deceased

David: Deceased

Marauders: Deceased


Morales is bitten by a walker when he, Rick, Daryl, Glenn, Abraham, Rosita, Eugene, Gabriel go back to their group, he is put down by Abraham

The Hunters are killed by Andrea, Tyreese, Rick, and Abraham

Eliza is almost raped by the Marauders, but Abraham, Carl, and Rick kill them before they can. One of them stabs Eliza, where she dies and none of them can put her down

Tyreese is killed when he gets bitten by and undead Allen, and they are both put down by Rick

Rosita is eaten alive the same day Daryl dies, but not in the same episode