Out of Lee Evrettes crew. comic book Rick's or TV show Rick's. I think Comic book Ricks is he most bad ass, i was just playing the video game at the part where you have to try and free that guy from the bear trap, in the end i just left him there to die and as the walkers closed in there was only about 4 to 6 of them. I think if Rick, Abraham and michonne were there instead they would have tried to kill all the walkers in the same way they stoped the zombie breach in the AZSF, with planning and good execution. Its fair to say that at that point Ricks crew were hardened from there life outside the zone. Lee's crew had an axe and 2 rifles so it could have been done.

TV show Rick's crew for sure have the best characters, people like Daryll and Merle if he becomes part of the group again, witch im hoping he will.