Wassup weed smokers!

Ok i want you to think back all the way to episode 1 in the car with the police officer, some of the last words the officer says to you before you hit the walker and all this hell starts

" It goes to show, people will up and go mad when they belive there lives are over "

Now, we all as players belive lee's life is over right? mabey Telltale planned this, obviously we have some choices to make in episode 5, proberly have the choice to off some people, and seeing as we are about to die, why the hell not? could you imagine, killing people like kenny, omid christa and then finding out that lee will in fact survive and be in season 2? i hope this is the case coz i like Lee, he is my favorite character in the walking dead universe, right after ( comic book ) andrea!!! lol