Hello guys!

So far I did not saw any blogs about Issue 119 and I wanted to know your opinions about it.


I personally think it was one of most shocking issues recently. I actually never expected Negan to kill Holly, I though he would negotiate with her or mare her his wife. But I guess he got serious now and he will probably really start All out War now. And also I did not expect Dennise to get bit, I know there is a slight chance she will get her hand amputated, but there is only one doctor left in Alexandria besides her and I don't think they will get to him in time.

Which means we basically got 2 major Alexandria characters death in one issue, I honestly did not expect that to happen.

Also who else do you think will die in future issue? We saw Heath, Carl, Jesus and Rick mourning on cover of Issue 122. Heath is obviosly mourning for Dennise, but for who are others mourning? Could it be Michonne or Andrea? I think it would be a huge shock if we got so many important deaths in only 2 issues, but we all know how Kirkman loves to kill our favourite characters.

So what are your thoughs? Do you think that Dennise, Michonne or Andrea will die? Why was Dwight on cover if he only barely appeared? Will Negan seriously just kill them all?

Anyway, thank you for reading, this was my 1st blog, I hope it was not a duplicate and I also just created this account, but I am on Wikia since Season 2 ended and I love to read other people's opinions, so feel free to post below :).