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    Issue 119 - Spoiler below

    January 12, 2014 by Skytts

    Hello guys!

    So far I did not saw any blogs about Issue 119 and I wanted to know your opinions about it.


    I personally think it was one of most shocking issues recently. I actually never expected Negan to kill Holly, I though he would negotiate with her or mare her his wife. But I guess he got serious now and he will probably really start All out War now. And also I did not expect Dennise to get bit, I know there is a slight chance she will get her hand amputated, but there is only one doctor left in Alexandria besides her and I don't think they will get to him in time.

    Which means we basically got 2 major Alexandria characters death in one issue, I honestly did not expect that to happen.

    Also who else do you think will die in fut…

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