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Kenny could be alive!

Okay, so people will call me stupid for this, but kenny could very well be alive in Season two. It said on the page of Season two that your choices in Season 1 will affect Season two.


If Ben was killed in episode 4, then Kenny helps Christa by jumping into a walker-infested building and pulling her up. Then Kenny fires two bullets and dissapears into the dark room. Kenny yelling at the walkers is heard, then only walker sounds. Kenny is never seen dying, but the players just kinda suspected that. So, there is a tiny little chance that Kenny is alive in Season two. Killing or saving Ben is a character choice. If BEn was saved. Kenny obviously does not make it. But Kenny, as stated before, is not shown being killed or his corpse, and no walker traces are similar to him. Therefore, Kenny could make a reapperance in Season two. Comment if you think this is true.

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