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  • Skr3am

    Well, if you've read the comic you probably know how bad the Governor was there: sadic, mercyless, just... bad. But in the TV Show? I really don't think of him as a "villain", I mean, yeah he has killed a bunch of people but no one that makes you feel "oh how much I hate him he's so evil, I want him dead", no, in the comic (SPOILERS) he raped Michonne, cutted Rick's hand, made Lilly kill Lori and Judy, and killed a bunch of other characters (Hershel and son, Alice, etc), so you wanted to watch him dead, he was a good villain, but in the show there is not much of that, he doesn't look really bad and when Michonne killed his daughter (brother's daughter in comic) it looked like Michonne was the bad one, I mean, he didn't made too much to her…

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