• SilentPresident

    Who is William? Is there someone called William in the TV series of the Walking Dead whom we are unaware of? His name is mentioned here in the TV episode: Days Gone Bye (the pilot episode in the 1st Season).

    Rick, after taken care of his wounds by Morgan, he gets ups and takes a dinner with Morgan and his son, Duane. After their dinner, they are in their beds. Before they go sleep, they have the following conversation/dialog:

    -Morgan: Carl... He your son?

    -Morgan: William. He said his name today...

    -Rick: He's a little younger... than your boy.

    -Morgan: And he's with his mother?

    I don't get it. Who's William? And how Willam knows Carl's name? Where is William? Someone intended to be in the episode but was cut off?

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