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Two Things I Noticed

Okay, I'll begin with this, in the Season 2 finale "Beside The Dying Fire", Daryl was shown killing walkers from his motorcycle using a revolver the Colt Official Police.
174px-800px-TWDS2E13 07

Later in the episode "Home" in Season 3, while battling walkers on the bridge, Merle uses a revolver to "help", this is a Colt Police Positive.

These are the same exact guns, same model, same make (I don't no why they have two seperate pages)

So basically same gun used by the Dixon brothers

Here Is The Second Thing:

Daryl's motorcycle (while really, Merle's motorcycle). In "Suicide King", Daryl says to Rick "We'll fend for ourselves", I thought about Daryl's motorcycle, was he really just going to leave it behind

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