Ok, so as we saw in the Season 3 "Welcome To The Tombs" finale the Governor massacred his soldiers and left alive his two lieutenants Shumpert, and Martinez.

But what will their relationship be like, we saw that Martinez and Shumpert were terrified when the Governor opened fire on his soldiers, and after were reluctant to get in the truck but did so when the Governor told them to.

So what we saw was reluctance but yet obedience, so that is what we might see in Season 4.

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The Governor, there are so many unanswered questions about him, and as we know his evil is not yet at it's peak, and to be honest I thought it was in Season 3, considering the death match in Woodbury, the killings of the National Guard soldiers, attacking the Prison twice, killing Axel, beating Milton, holding captive Andrea basically killing her as a result, and last but not least the massacre of 20-25 of his own people.

How did his daughter really die? You could say she was bit, but considering the major slashes on her face it could be possible she was murdered.

What is wrong with him? It is clear he is suffering from some sort of mental illness, and as shown in "I Ain't A Judas" he takes pills, possibly to suppress this.

How did he become the leader of Woodbury? How did he get to that position, how did he get to earn the respect of all those people.

I would love to see a flashback explaining all this, or it is brought up over the course of Season 4

ok so we know he has some humanity left in him, but shares the Governor's animosity towards the Prison (calling the Prison group, rats, in "Prey"). But he is still a mystery, he helps raid the National Guard refugee camp in "Walk With Me", but saves a little girl from a walker in "Suicide King". We know he'll have a rocky relationship with the Governor next season.

Why does he still follow the Governor? What did the Governor do to earn his ultimate respect. And even after Philip Blake killed his own people, Martinez still followed the Governor's orders and got back in the truck.

Shumpert, the quiet but strong, and skilled man who is the Governor's lieutenant.
Also a mystery in the world of the Walking Dead, possibly more of a mystery than any other credited character in the Walking Dead. I really see the reason he is just an in the shadow character, because he is afraid of discrimination, being a black muslim (Shumpert is an Islamic name, look up Iman Shumpert, Muslim basketball player for the New York Knicks).

Where did he come from? You could say he was just arrived at Woodbury like every other soldier, but I saw Travis Love (his actor) in "Vatos" as one of the ones who held Glenn on the roof on the Vatos hideout.

Why is he so quiet? Kind of like T-Dog, afraid of discrimination of he plays too much of a big part in the group.

Why does he still follow the Governor? What did the Governor do to earn his respect, even after Philip Blake killed his own people, Shumpert still followed The Governor's orders.
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Shumpert (Travis Love) in "Vatos"