Ok, so we all knew T-Dog's death was coming sooner or later, some even predicted it happening in Season 2, and the producers thought of it as early as Season 1. But should have T-Dog died when he did, and in that manner?

I'm not a fan of killing off two main characters in one episode, and I know it was to introduce the notion that no body is safe on the Walking Dead. In my opinion he should have died later on either in Woodbury, at the hands of the Governor, or soon after "Killer Within" by walkers to make it look like these characters were dying continously.

How do you think T-Dog should have died, and when?

I am doing this blog, because in one of my previous blog's there was a mini debate about this in the comments
T-DOG "Sick"
T-Dog got bit in the shoulder

Here are some plausible scenarios:

Season 2

Could have gone with Rick into the town to look for Hershel, and is killed by Dave and Tony's group

Dies in the Season 2 finale leading someone to safety

Season 3

Goes with Rick, Daryl, and Michonne to Woodbury dies helping them escape

Killed by either Martinez, Shupert, or Guard Tower Soldier in "Home", I find it hard to believe that Axel would be the only one killed in that episode.