Ok, so I saw another blog post like this, and thought it was a good idea so I am going to do it to.

Here you go


"Just Like Old Times"

We begin at the Prison, where the Woodbury citizens have settled, and the gates and breaches have been repaired, the WB people have spread out to live amongst the other cell blocks. The time lapse will be around 5-6 months because filming will begin in May, the beginning of summer, where as Season 3 left off in early winter or fall.

In the common room, Rick is discussing the need for supplies with some of the other survivors, Hershel claims that the elderly are in dire need for medication and fast, Daryl arrives on his motorcycle with a backpack, and says that he only found some antibiotics, and a small amount of food and adds that most of the pharmacies and stores have been cleaned out already, Hershel suggest farming in the yard, but Rick shoots him down saying that the soil is tainted with walker blood. They return inside to the cell block where Carol is seen taking care of Judith and two other infants as well as talking to Eileen (not sure she'll be back but in my opinion there should be a pregnant woman in the prison), Carol confides with Rick saying that they need formula for the babies, Rick says he'll work on it the best he can, he greets Dr. Stevens who is assisting the elderly, he shoots a glance at Karen who is also staring at him and walks outside where Glenn and a less senior Woodbury citizen are seen mingling in the guard tower repaired with plywood and sheet metal. He goes to the graves and pays his respects shedding a few tears before walking off. Tyreese, who has became a minor right hand man to Rick begins speaking to him and thanks him for his hospitality.

Out on a backroad a car is seen driving with four survivors inside, as they drive silently, a bearded, and seemingly wore down Martinez lunges out from the woods in front of the car pistol in hand, Shumpert jumps from behind an abandoned car with his Norinco 56. Martinez forces the survivors out on to the street, as Shumpert holds them at gunpoint. Martinez rummages through the car as the Governor drives out from a dirt side road and exits the vehicle, Martinez finds few supplies and the Governor orders his men to kill the survivors, Martinez refuses, and Shumpert shakes his head and they walk away, the Governor draws his pistol and executes the four survivors. They drive off with the little supplies and few extra weapons they obtained.

Back at the Prison, Rick is checking up on the Woodbury citizens, where he runs into Bob Stookey who is in his cell crying softly about something, Rick attempts to help, but he tells him to go. Rick returns to the Prison common room and tells Daryl he is heading on a supply run and that they should plan to stay overnight, Tyreese says he will go with Rick. They pack food, water, and guns, and head out.

Well there you go 4x1, my creativity isn't really at it's best right now, but if you have any comments or suggestions please put them below I want to make an Episode 2. Oh, and the guy who had the idea of this, in the manner that I am doing it make an Episode 3, I like reading other predictions.

Please don't put any comments like "we already have 50 blog posts like this", I get it we have a lot of blog posts on this.