I have my ideas about what'll happen in Season 4, I am making a list of things I think will happen. Put any suggestions below.

+Season 4 like Season 3 will focus on two lives- that of the Prison group, and of the Governor, Martinez, and Shupert

+We will learn more about Shupert, as he will most likely have to talk a lot being only three of them

+The Woodbury survivors in the prison will turn out to be a nuisance as they deplete the food supply forcing the group to go on runs often

+A few of the WB survivors will become able fighter such as Karen and those who are not children or elderly

Here is my plot of an episode in Season 4

Ok so because of the constant shortage of food and medicine (the elderly probably need medicine) a small unit from the Prison goes on a run, Rick, Tyreese, and Karen. They search houses along the road, finding close to nothing. They come across a town and begin to search main street, but are ambushed by unknown gunmen on the roofs and from the storefronts. The Prison group returns fire and flees.

The gunmen are revealed to be Shupert, and Martinez who as revealed in previous episodes are killing other survivors in an attempt to gathers guns and supplies.