I was looking at some other blog posts like this and I saw that they're was no way they were going to happen in the new season so here are mine, what I actually think is possible.

The time lapse will be atleast 3-4 months, by then the Woodbury citizens are almost fully integrated into the group, and Tyreese has become a minor right-hand man to Rick alongside Daryl. The group has patched up most of the breaches in the Prison, and the fences have been repaired. A layed back lifestyle has been adapted at the Prison, but with all the elderly the group is forced to go on supply runs for medicine. The Prison is further explored where they discover a commisary, and load up on food, they come upon the locked door of the warden's office. Daryl barges in and finds a man slumped over on the desk with a gun in his hand having been commited suicide. A map of the Prison is found and the group finds an armory with some weapons and ammunition.

Meanwhile, The Governor, Shumpert, and Martinez are resting in a house/farm and are discussing a new course of action, Shumpert and Martinez now have less loyalty to the Governor after the massacre,  but they pack up and leave, low on gasoline and bullets, they stumble upon a National Guard armory with it's fences locked and unbreached. The trio enter and find military vehicles, guns, gasoline, and just a few walkers. They stock up and settle down.

In the prison a small nursery has been started, with some of the other infants from Woodbury and Judith, as Rick, and Daryl show some of the able WB citizens how to shoot, kids run and play, and Tyreese flirts with Michonne. Rick, Maggie, Carl go on a supply run for food and medicine, they enter an abandoned town, and suddenly shots are fired at them from a storefront, Rick returns fire, as another ambusher sneaks up behind them, Carl shoots and kill him. Yet another ambusher opens up from a rooftop, a small gunfight ensues, and the group drives away, it was a small group of bandits. This incident lowers his trust for other survivors.

The Governor rides down a road with dozens of guns, loads of gasoline, explosives, and grenades, they come upon another group of survivors of 15-20 people camped out off the highway. The Governor tells a fake story of how they had a larger group of survivors but they were killed by Rick's group and they were all that's left. The Governor tells them how Rick's group ruthlessly slaughters other survivors for their supplies, and that they are running from them.

The next day the Governor sends Shumpert and Martinez to attack the group posing as Rick's group, they where masks and kill 2-3 people and even go as far as throwing grenades. The group beleives it was Rick's group, and decides to side with the Governor in his quest to eliminate the Prison group.

At the Prison, Rick sends a small team on a supply run, Tyreese, and two WB citizens, as they leave the Prison a bomb explodes on the road just outside the gates, and the WB citizens are killed, and two people drag away an unconscious and wounded Tyreese.

Sasha wants to go outside to look for him, but Rick refuses, saying it is too risky.

The next day the Governor arrives at the front gates with 12+ hardened and heavily armed survivors, a man with a bag over his face is brought in full sight, the Governor removes the bag revealing it to be Tyreese. The Governor demands the surrender of the group , Rick refuses, and Tyreese is executed, and shots are fired on both sides an intense firefight goes down. Carol is shot and killed, soon the Governor's forces move in, Rick is shot in the arm, and Daryl drags him into the safety of car that is ready to evacuate the group, but he is shot and mortally wounded, bringing an hard emotional blow to the TV viewers and the group. Karen lies wounded in the Prison courtyard, the Governor thinking she is dead walks on but Karen jumps up and shoots the Governor through the legs and body, walkers converge on the Prison and they devour the Governor and Karen. The group evacuates in a small caravan under heavy fire as the Prison lies in ruins behind them. The group is split up but meet up at the farm, just the few of them and realize their losses, and decide to just leave the area completely.