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New Locations And Characters

Ok, so we've seen a lot of leaked information about Season 4, about new locations, and new characters.

So what are their roles?

-The Big Spot store - in my opinion will introduce Bob Stookey, and I have the feeling their will be a shootout of some sorts

-The power plant - most likely the hideout of a new group or The Governor and his men. It is possible it is being used as a psuedo location meaning it is a power plant in real life but in the show it takes the role of say a National Guard armory or a factory.

- Plane crash set-   a plane crash set was shot meaning it could bring the introduction of new characters maybe Jack and Erin (Chase and Kelly in my opinion).

-Jack and Erin- these are whole new characters who appear to have codenames, which I assume they are Chase and Kelly considering leaked information that says something about them returning.

Bob Stookey- we know nothing about him besides him being an army medic haunted by his past and him being a loner, meaning that he could be alone at the Big Spot store.

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