Looks like all of Rick's group is there considering all three of their main vehicles are here.

There seems to be a pretty cordoned off area here, is it possible there are survivors.

Plus, they said that Season 4 was bringing back more civilization and humanity

My predictions,

I find it kind of odd that all of Rick's major vehicles are here meaning that he took a big group with him so this isn't a simple supply run, maybe he went check something out. This store might have something to do with the first picture of the Season 4, where Rick is staring at something ( he has that look of being startled and confused that he usually gives ), so he might of come across it, and came back with everyone else. My guess is that they come across Bob Sookey here, because Rick thinks something is off about this place.

This is a far fetch but in the photo the Hyundai's trunk and doors are open, meaning that they probably took some weapons out to scout the store out