Ok, sonow that were moving on to Season 4, what new locations and characters do you want to see, not just in Season 4 but in later Seasons.

I personally want to see Abraham and a small group of his being introduced after the Prison-Woodbury arc, also it wouldn't hurt to introduce some bandits later in the show trying to rob the group. Also I want to see Negan and the Saviors, and how they are introduced into the show, and how the war begins betweeen them and Rick's group. Keep in mind that it won't be the same as the comics most likely. Just look how the war with the Prison and Woodbury began in the TV show.

As for locations I want too Alexandria safe-zone, and another metropolis city like Atlanta, overrun and deserted as well as completely overwhelmed with walkers, maybe on their way up north to DC, they can stumble across some other cities like Charleston, or Raliegh. I wouldn;t be surpirsed if they through Cythiana, Kentucky in their just as a reference to the comics.

So what do you want to see?