I know its too early to start thinking about Season 4, but I was wondering about your opinions on where Rick's group should be and what they should be doing.

Here's my episode:

Rick, Tyreese, Maggie, and Daryl go into an abandoned town because the group only has a little food. Rick leaves Daryl outside to keep watch, while everyone else goes inside a store to look for supplies. The three pack the little supplies they can find.

Back outside Daryl hears a sound and is suspicous, he scans the rooftop with his crossbow but finds nothing.

Back inside the store the trio encounters a pair of walkers who appear to have reanimated without being bit, and have gunshot wounds.

Daryl calls for Rick, moments later gunshots ring out striking the group's Hyundai in which Daryl was standing in front of. Rick, Tyreese, and Maggie dart out and dive for cover firing back at the roof of a pharmacy across the street.

A second gunman appears around a corner with a shotgun and fires wounding Daryl, Rick fires back striking the second gunman. The rooftop gunman continues firing , a third masked gunman appears on another rooftop.

Tyreese shoots and wounds him. Rick aims and shoots at the first gunman killing him. They grab the second gunman and find he is not dead. A forth gunman appears from behind a car and shoots at Rick, they escape into the car and leave as walkers begin to arrive.

They could elaborate on that in further episodes.