Okay so I rewatched "Say The Word", and the part that where Michonne looks through the Governor's notebook, I specifically looked at the pages before the list of names, and the tally marks.

Here is what it says:

The first page is almost like a diary starting off with "today made me wonder being the Governor-"

This is the second page


Garbage trucks for city

Check into hospital to get information on (can't understand after that)


finalize budget for second half of year

street, road signs, etc


-crime has increased 20%, I want my town to be completely crime free

-update police enforcement

-enforce more public security

Food Rationing

-prices on various types of food

-increased 40%

-hopes of decreasing 20% of that inflammation within next year


Town meetings to be held every Thursday evening. GOALS TO BE ACCOMPLISHED (underlined)

-tighter community

-ideas for future activities

What are your thoughts?