I just thought we needed a blog where people can post what they think should be in Season 4.

My Ideas:

The Governor finds a National Guard armory, he also stumbles on another group (not in the armory though)

Shupert and Martinez put on masks and raid this group, kill 2-3 people and TG blames it on the Prison group.

Morales is part of the group TG raids

Rick begins to explore and clear other parts of the Prison. He fixes the gates and patches up the breaches.

The old people become a problem, and the group is forced to go on supply runs for medicine, food, etc

Dr. Stevens is in the Woodbury group, and she provides medical care with Hershel

Rick goes on another run to find Morgan, and tell him his group's situation.

The Governor assembles a group of 10-15 hardened survivors that are heavily armed

Put what you think should happen below