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  • ShupertAKM

    Where's Shumpert?

    November 24, 2013 by ShupertAKM

    So.....they didn't show his face at all in 'Live Bait', which seemed pretty normal but after watching the promos for 'Dead Weight' he is not there at all.

    So where is this man...didn't he get upgraded in the cast?

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  • ShupertAKM

    Ok, so in the episode "Walk With Me", a National Guard helicopter piloted by Lieutenant Welles crashed in the woods somewhere in the vicinity of Woodbury. So my question is, did Woodbury shoot down the helicopter? I know it's a long shot literally, trying to shoot down a helicopter with an assault rifle but isn't it possible? I rewatched the episode, and as the helicopter was turning I heard a "ping" and smoke began pouring out. Doesn't anybody else think that it is strange how fast Woodbury's response time was.

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  • ShupertAKM

    Ok, so there has been recent speculation about Tyreese dying at the hands of the Governor in Season 4, Episode 10 originating from a rumor.

    So what does this mean? He's a series regular just recently introduced, does this mean he'll be beheaded like in the comics? The Governor's attack beginning at Episode 10? Does this mean Daryl lives?

    What do you all think?

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  • ShupertAKM

    Ok, sonow that were moving on to Season 4, what new locations and characters do you want to see, not just in Season 4 but in later Seasons.

    I personally want to see Abraham and a small group of his being introduced after the Prison-Woodbury arc, also it wouldn't hurt to introduce some bandits later in the show trying to rob the group. Also I want to see Negan and the Saviors, and how they are introduced into the show, and how the war begins betweeen them and Rick's group. Keep in mind that it won't be the same as the comics most likely. Just look how the war with the Prison and Woodbury began in the TV show.

    As for locations I want too Alexandria safe-zone, and another metropolis city like Atlanta, overrun and deserted as well as completely …

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  • ShupertAKM

    Ok, so we've seen a lot of leaked information about Season 4, about new locations, and new characters.

    So what are their roles?

    -The Big Spot store - in my opinion will introduce Bob Stookey, and I have the feeling their will be a shootout of some sorts

    -The power plant - most likely the hideout of a new group or The Governor and his men. It is possible it is being used as a psuedo location meaning it is a power plant in real life but in the show it takes the role of say a National Guard armory or a factory.

    - Plane crash set-   a plane crash set was shot meaning it could bring the introduction of new characters maybe Jack and Erin (Chase and Kelly in my opinion).

    -Jack and Erin- these are whole new characters who appear to have codenames, which I…

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