• Shupert

    As my title states, I'm going to show you all my idea of how certain events should have played ou. or at least how i would have done it. I'm mostly going to be using characters that were misused (i.e Big Tiny, Allen, Martinez). So:

    Season 3.

    3x01 Plays out as shown.

    3x02 Group encounters prisoners. Big Tiny is not killed. Rick does not kill Tomas, he instead decides to imprison him until he decides how to handle the situation. Andrew meets same fate as originally shown. Other prisoners are exiled

    3x03 Plays out as shown. Dr.Stevens is replaced by Dr.Sub

    3x04 Andrew begins to sabotage the prison as he did previously. Lori still dies dies during childbirth. T-Dog is not killed. Andrew frees Tomas during the chaos. Carol is confronted by Andrew wi…

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