Hi. I'm here to request this "Presumed Dead" status thing be taken away. Why, you may ask? Because I've seen people on YouTube and other places bash the Wiki by saying things like "I love how the Wiki had his status as Dead for so long, but now it's PRESUMED Dead." I did what I could to convince them we're sorry for any confusion. 

Anyways, this status ties into the Unknown status enough already, doesn't it? I know there's a difference, believe me, but now arguments are arising on who's Unknown, who's Dead, and who's Presumed Dead. We have to feed the public FACTS, not what we may speculate. 

Take Kenny for example. I don't mean to start a war on his status, but his status was Dead for the longest time and we just changed it all of a sudden. We simply cannot do that to the public and confuse them. I know I was initially in agreement with the Presumed Dead status, I'm not trying to seem like a hypocrite (although some people will see it that way anyways). I went along with it until I realized the problems arising from it and how most people just think it's a ridiculous idea. And I'm in agreement with that now.

So, here is a poll for people to re-vote on (did we vote on this Presumed Dead status in the first place?). If the majority think it's a good idea, I'll gladly step aside. I believe in democracy. (If the poll is initially messed up, I'll fix it, I've never done this before lol).

Should the Presumed Dead status stay or go?

The poll was created at 04:06 on July 31, 2013, and so far 258 people voted.