Alright, some of the things in the "Violent" template that states anything on there may not make it to television needs to be fixed. Every single thing that's gory in the comic, or at least an unreasonable amount, is on that template.

"Rick's hand chopped off"? They showed Hershel getting his leg amputated in full camera view.

"Martinez run over"? They could easily show that, in Sons of Anarchy they showed a cop getting COMPLETELY effed over when getting run over by a van.

"Carol suicide"? T-Dog's death showed him getting his neck torn open and blood gushing out and his screams of agony easily heard and felt.

"Rick Bites Neck"? That could easily make it to television; the show 24 had that like twice and showed everything, right down to spitting out the skin.

"Abraham shot through eye with an arrow"? That can EASILY make it to television. 

What I'm getting at is that an admin needs to remove some of the points on there because some HAVE made it to television, and the template is extremely overdone. Please comment stating your thoughts on this, especially admins.  Thank you.