I heard today from one of my teachers who does a lot of research on things before he states them as facts, and he said Glenn's actor, Steven Yeun, wants to be written off so he can write the show instead of being in it. If this is true, then (get ready Daryl fans) Daryl most likely will not die anytime soon -_-

I am not 100% sure if this is true or not, but my teacher isn't one to sound so positive about something without knowing what he's talking about. 

I for one am very disappointed, because this means Daryl probably will not die in the Assault which means that it won't be as group-weakening and heart-breaking for some fans. It won't begin to compare whatsoever to the Comic Assault if he doesn't die.

Post your thoughts on this below and if I find a link to back up this claim I'll be sure to add it in. Feel free to add your own if you find any as well.