Well as you all may have heard there is a leaked rumor going around that ONLY Harold and Manuel (I think that's how you spell it.) are the only prisoners shown in season 3. Personally I was not happy since we won't see characters like Dexter, Andrew, Axel, or Thomas. But then it occurred to me that this is just a rumor who knows if it is true or not. Anyway the idea of the inmates have been going through my head for awhile now so I wanted to post my fan-made inmates and might write a fanfic soon about my own version of season 3 if you guys think this is good enough lol.

Zane "Ziggy" Johnson - Age:20 - Young kid laidback possible stoner before the outbreak, trys to keep the peace between the inmates and the survivors, Has a interest in Beth but her father Hershel does not approve due to him being in prison. Friends with Harold/Johnny/Manuel. - reason in prison: B&E + carry a illegal weapon (butterfly knife) = a year (Has served 5 months in jail) -Alive

Billy Jackson - Age:46 -big tough looking white Neo-Nazi asshole, Similar to Merle in many ways but has a soft heart for women but puts a tough guy act around men. Hates T-Dog/Darren, Has an interest in Carol but Daryl protects her - reason in prison: held up a liquor store with his brother Johnny and for carrying a firearm (glock 17) = 20 years (served 11 years) Alive

Darren "Big Devil" Bateman - Age: 33 - big muscular african-american, takes crap from no one, and hates Billy/Rick/Everyone, had a younger brother named Wayne but lost him when the walkers arrived at the prison, Has a bad attitude towards Rick and his group, Only looks out for himself, was a gang leader before he was sent to prison. - reason in prison: drug trafficking/sex slave (heroin/cocaine in the walls/Found the girls in his basement) and for carrying firearms (shotguns/uzis in his car when they searched his car.) Murdering 4 people (found evidence on him to the cases) = life in prison - Alive

Wayne "Little Devil" Bateman - Age:28 -Skinny looking guy, african-american, died in prison due to the walkers over running it. -dead

Johnny Jackson - Age: 40 -fat looking white guy, a jokester with everyone, doesn't really share the same views as his older brother Billy but will stick by him in a fight. Friends with Harold/Manuel/Zane, hates Wayne and Darren (not for the same reason as his brother though.) - reason in prison:held up liquor store and for carrying a firearm (double barrel shotgun) = 20 years - Unknown status.